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I am María Trullas

Your Job Coach 


I have spent most of my professional life dedicated to helping people and organizations achieve their goals. Very colorful. I have done it using creativity and strategy, applied to psychology and communication.

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How can I help you?

Coaching laboral online
coaching and mentoring
Are you clear about what you want to do but don’t know how to get there? I propose that I become your coach: someone who will actively listen to you, ask you questions, question yourself, and give you tools to find the answers. They are all in you! At the same time, I will be that person who will offer you a safe and trustworthy space to express yourself freely and will give you the advice and push you need to believe in yourself and your possibilities. We will establish a path and we will progress on it, week by week. This is how you will achieve your goals.
Individual Consulations
Book an hour with me to talk and resolve issues related to your career, your ambitions, your personal and/or professional projects, etc. I can help you to better focus your career, to know how to make decisions if you are between one or several professional options, to better handle conflicting or tense situations with bosses or co-workers, to negotiate a salary, to review a sales presentation, etc.
Mentoring laboral online
Communication projects
In my opinion, communication and understanding (understanding each other, come on) are the basis of (almost) all personal and professional relationships, both in the private and public spheres. If you want to achieve something, it is obvious that you have to say it and manifest it. To say no means only to say it in words. And saying, also includes understanding the other and listening. Without it, we fall into foolish words…


Shall we take off?

Tell me where you want to go, and let’s go!

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already taken a big step toward your next destination. 
It means that you are clear about what it is, but perhaps you feel that you do not know very well how to get there. Or maybe you even feel like you can’t get there. That you lack experience or knowledge. Or some qualities.
Despite your own doubts and brakes, you have concerns. Ambition. That you want to grow and advance.
That although sometimes you are afraid, you really want to reach your professional and/or personal goal. And I’m afraid that if you have found me, it is because you know that it is very, very difficult to do it alone. In fact, I think like you: better always accompanied (if the company is the right one!).
Worry no more: your search for a co-pilot is over because you have already found me.
And here I am to travel with you to that place that you have imagined for yourself. We will draw up a plan: a path for you to achieve your dreams. And we will go through it together. Read on and find out what I can do for you.

Call me, tell me about your case and we will set up a first online coaching session

Why I want to be your Online Labor Coach

They accompanied me and they accompany me. Currently, I have a mentor. My mentor. His name is Carlos, and he is a real crack. I think it’s important that you know and believe that your coach or mentor is good. The best.

Throughout my life I have not only had Carlos. Also with other people, like Montse, or Miquel. People with a career and personality that have been a perfect fit for mine and have helped me take steps in the direction I wanted to go.

I have been Tania’s coach for some time. I didn’t know it was, until he told me. If you want to read what Tania and I have achieved, you can read it here:

Apart from Tania, I have offered help and advice to people like Florentino, Ana, another Ana, Xavier, etc. when they have needed advice or guidance in their personal and professional projects

Coaching y mentoring laboral y online

The experience of those who have tried the

Online Job Coaching

They say of me that I am a smart, optimistic, empathetic and honest person. I think that it is these characteristics, in part, that make me always think positively, understand others and be able to transmit feelings in everything I say and do.

Together, we will walk your path and achieve your goals.

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